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Kids with Capes

What is NVR?

Empowered parenting

If you find yourself stressed, constantly managing behaviour, and the most common words you speak are 'no, stop, don't, do' then you are not alone and NVR parenting method could really help.

I want you to thrive and feel empowered as parents/carers.

NVR is a 'connection before correction' based parenting method, so most 'usual' parenting techniques like rewards and consequences are not part of this method. 

The great news is it doesn't matter if your children or teens aren't on board, NVR will still work!

NVR is empowering and can be a game changer for parents/carers.

* NVR stands for Nonviolent resistance parenting, to learn more about this method click this link or see the About NVR page


About Megan Tanner


Hi! I graduated from Drama College in 2001 and in 2007 alongside performing in theatre, TV and film I started working as a communication consultant and presenter. 
As a communication consultant I have facilitated workshops and presentations in small business to FTSE 100 companies.

In 2012 I started fostering and I look after highly traumatised children and adolescents. So far, I have fostered 9 teenagers and 3 children and am an advocate for UK fostering. ​


In my daily life I have the real experience of the challenges parents can face. From CPV violence, verbal aggression, high risk activity, defiance, self-harm, disregulation, absconding, police visits, CSE, drugs and alcohol misuse, school issues, sleep issues, and the list goes on.


It came to a point where no parenting techniques would work and I felt exhausted, helpless, and powerless. The only thing that I had not tried was NVR, so I went on the parenting course.


From then everything changed so dramatically for the better I trained over the years as an NVR Practitioner and Consultant via the NVR Consortium. 


I love that as an NVR Practitioner it is not just theory to me, it is lived experience too.


I also mentor NVR through my charity to communities in Africa.

To contact Me -

Social media @ThinkNVR

Megan is a member of NVR Consortium
Megan is a member of NVR UK.jpg


The principles of NVR were explained to me in a really approachable way. Megan is so passionate about NVR and very engaging in the course delivery. I was enabled to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing some of the challenges we faced in our home. She made it possible for me to implement changes in the home that made for a calmer gentler environment. I feel less overwhelmed since using the principles Megan taught me about NVR and it has a positive impact in my own well being and the whole family's. My children have really appreciated the focused time we have together connecting, and there is much less of a power struggle and decreased child on parent violence. Thank you Megan for dealing with my many questions and tailoring the NVR information to suit our specific situation, as well the really valuable consultation about working with school to support my son when displaying challenging behaviour and overwhelm, he left school today saying "it's been a great day!".

Victoria. Biological mum of 2.

Megan brings a wealth of knowledge and relevant experience. We have learnt so much from Megan about NVR and how to apply it to our situation. Megan delivers it in a way that is researched, well thought through and absolutely applicable to children or teens, she is also able to give relevant help. Our daughter’s behaviour is transformed and our lives have improved because we are now able with Megan’s support to use the NVR in a relatable way to our situation. Megan is very real, honest, supportive and knowledgeable. We now know so much more about the NVR model and how to apply it to our family. Our daughter’s violence is so much less now and our lives have improved we know more about emotional intelligence and how to be our child’s anchor and safe place whilst having boundaries and how natural consequences work. Megan has also delivered NVR workshops to parents that are members of our peer to peer adoption charity. We Are Family. These have been so well received.

Alison. Adopter and biological mum.

NVR has helped to heal our household. With a household of between 5 to 8 children at any one time between the ages of 6 months and 15 years ( 4 of them with asd/adhd/sensory disorders and one with pda) I had almost resigned myself to living pretty miserably with a family in almost constant conflict. I had tried to use NVR tactics (but didn't know there was a name for it!) But always failed as I didn't have the skills or knowledge for the methods to be successful. This is where Megan came on board! Megan with an absolute wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm gave me the tools to practice and perfect the NVR methods. Megan was there from the start to guide, support, listen- and help find ways, tactics and answers when at times it seemed impossible. Megan always found a way in which something worked whatever the situation, whatever the family dynamics, and I feel our family truly pushed her to dig deep! Megan also taught me to know how valuable I am too. Teaching me the importance and value of self care and love, something I had never, ever done before. Megan’s patience, understanding and relevant ways of delivering the NVR programme have profoundly affected my family. We are still learning and Megan is still there for us whenever she is needed.

Kim. Biological, adopter and kinship foster mum.

My teenage son gave me a hug and said he loved me. I can't remember the last time he did that.

NVR works! Thank you!

K. Biological mum of 2.

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